Blogger API access request limit

As we know, some of our products use the Blogger API service, in this article we will explain the limit on the number of Blogger API accesses per day.

Blogger API has access limit of 10,000 request (list/search/get) per day, with the limit of 100 request per 100 second for each unique IP address.

If my application has many users and exceeds the limit, then what? Unfortunately, this daily limit cannot be increased since Google doesn't provide premium or paid services package to increase the limit.

So what's the solution? This is a daily limit, so the limit is only for one day and the limit will gone the next day, and so on.

Then, is there any other alternative? Yes, in our application, Blogger API Key is managed from JSON file for remote configuration, if your application reach the daily limit, you can create new API Key using different email address and update your Blogger API Key with your new Key from the JSON file remote configuration.

JSON file for remote configuration can be hosted in the Web Hosting or Google Drive account, we strongly recommend if you can host it in your Web Hosting and you also can host the php scripts for sending push notification, if not, it's no problem, you can host it in your Google Drive account and get the file ID. 

Is there any limitation of access request by saving JSON file in Google Drive account? No, this is the same as downloading a file via a Google Drive link and does not require an API request and also the last accessed data from JSON remote configuration will be stored in local storage as a backup when it fails to load data from the server.

Is it possible to host the JSON file for remote configuration beyond from Web Hosting and Google Drive account? yes it is very possible, you can save your JSON file on any server provided that it provides a direct url to access the file.

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