How to find radio streaming url

To find a radio streaming url, there are several sources that provide it for free, including Shoutcast and Icecast, here's a tutorial on how to get a radio streaming url.


  • Open Shoutcast directory :
  • Find radio streaming according your needs
  • Click download icon to show popup menu
  • Right click Winamp (.pls) or Any Player (.m3u)
  • Copy link address
  • Paste the copied link in the new tab in your address bar to download the file
  • After the file has been downloaded, open the file using any text editor : Notepad, Notepad++, etc to find radio streaming url


  • Open Icecast directory :
  • Find radio streaming according your needs
  • Right click Play button
  • Copy link address to get the radio streaming url

Get Blogger ID

For Solodroid application products based on Blogger API, Blogger ID is required so that the content of your blogger website can be displayed in the application, there are 2 methods to get Blogger ID

Method 1

  1. Open page and select your website (Required login with your Google Account)
  2. In the address bar of your web browser, you will see your Blogger ID
  3. Example :<BLOGGER_ID>

Method 2

  1. Open your blogger website in the web browser, then Right click and select View page source
  2. Click Ctrl + F for quick search and enter keyword : 'blogId'
  3. The Blogger ID can be known with this format : 'blogId': '658743092748557XXXX'

Save your Blogger ID into the config.json

Data Safety Form

Recently, many applications received warnings about data security/data security. Data security will be enforced in April 2022, so all detected apps/games related to data collection need to be updated. Referring to the data security article, We try to describe the population according to code by looking at the following points:

A. Option 1 : Automatic filling out forms (Import CSV file)

Import a CSV file for faster autofill based on the tutorial : DOWNLOAD CSV

B. Option 2 : Manual filling out forms

To fill out the security data form, reference the AndroidManifest.xml (permitted use) section and any SDKs/Libs used as described in "Providing information for the data security section of Google Play". In this case, permission is requested only to allow reading and writing of files into the smartphone memory.

Even though the AndroidManifest.xml section doesn't write user tracking based on location, the user's location is still tracked in the source code due to the use of advertising SDKs (AdMob, etc.) and Firebase. The tracking permission is in the SDK used.

2. How to fill out the form

Dengan gambaran di atas, maka pengisian data safety akan mudah dilakukan apa saja yang harus kita isi. Silahkan ikuti panduan dibawah

2.1 Data collection and security

2.2 Checklist and fill in location permission

2.3 Checklist and fill in file and docs access permissions

2.4 Checklist and fill in devices or other identifiers

2.5 Fill your privacy policy link

Finally, prepare your privacy policy link. You can use the app's privacy policy generator to create your privacy policy.

Until the stage of filling out the privacy policy has been completed, but for some source code there may be additional filling in accordance with the permissions used.

About Solodroid Ads Sdk library for displaying multiple Ad Networks

Solodroid Ads Sdk is a helper library that we (Solodroid) made for displaying ads which contains from several ad networks to facilitate the ad integration process which consists of thousands of lines of code that we have compiled and condensed into just a few lines of code to simplify the process of integrating ads from various ad networks.

This library supports 6 ad networks, do you know if integrating multiple ads networks required thousands line codes? for this reason the library was created, this is public library, anyone can download and use it. So, user can monetize their application by using some of the ad networks provided, this is very important for example your admob account is banned, so you can switch to using another ad network as an alternative in order to keep earning from other ad networks.

Blogger API access request limit

As we know, some of our products use the Blogger API service, in this article we will explain the limit on the number of Blogger API accesses per day.

Blogger API has access limit of 10,000 request (list/search/get) per day, with the limit of 100 request per 100 second for each unique IP address.

If my application has many users and exceeds the limit, then what? Unfortunately, this daily limit cannot be increased since Google doesn't provide premium or paid services package to increase the limit.

So what's the solution? This is a daily limit, so the limit is only for one day and the limit will gone the next day, and so on.

Then, is there any other alternative? Yes, in our application, Blogger API Key is managed from JSON file for remote configuration, if your application reach the daily limit, you can create new API Key using different email address and update your Blogger API Key with your new Key from the JSON file remote configuration.

JSON file for remote configuration can be hosted in the Web Hosting or Google Drive account, we strongly recommend if you can host it in your Web Hosting and you also can host the php scripts for sending push notification, if not, it's no problem, you can host it in your Google Drive account and get the file ID. 

Is there any limitation of access request by saving JSON file in Google Drive account? No, this is the same as downloading a file via a Google Drive link and does not require an API request and also the last accessed data from JSON remote configuration will be stored in local storage as a backup when it fails to load data from the server.

Is it possible to host the JSON file for remote configuration beyond from Web Hosting and Google Drive account? yes it is very possible, you can save your JSON file on any server provided that it provides a direct url to access the file.

Ad Network issue with Banner Ad from IronSource

Ad network integration from IronSource, especially for banner type ads, for us is not optimized and it's not friendly for developers or publishers, the reason is because banner can only be displayed once and in one activity, while, our application have multiple activity screen like main screen activity, detail activity, posts based on category activity, search activity, etc, so, this is more than one activity.

For example, if the banner ad is displayed on the main screen activity, this means that the banner ad will not be able to be shown in other activities, moreover, the banner ad also cannot be displayed again when we close the application and reopen it even on the main screen with note before the banner is destroyed first.

According to official documenation in the banner ad integration section, before switch to other activity, banner ad must be destroyed first to make it can be loaded in the other activity, but, a destroyed banner can no longer be loaded, if we want to serve it again, we must initiate it again, this is quite crazy because every time we move from one activity to another, the banner must be destroyed first, and also the banner must be called again on the onResume method or when we return to the previous activity, and of course, every time we initiate the loading process for the banner , there will be a pause of a few seconds and this is very annoying and not user friendly, this only happens to banner type ads on IronSource, ironically, for Interstitial type ads there is no problem, and this is quite strange because other ad networks like AdMob, , AppLovin, Mopub, FAN don't have this kind of problem.

Therefore, for now we have not considered using the ad network from IronSource as an alternative ad, for now maybe in the future we will consider other ad network options.

Web Hosting Specification

To run Admin Panel of Solodroid Products, web hosting that you use must have the following requirements :
  • PHP Version 5.4, 5.5, 5.6 or 7.2
  • Support MySQLi and PDO
  • Apache Server
  • Shared hosting with Cpanel (We didn't check the script’s performance on the VPS and VDS hosting)

Because this documentation using cpanel, a web hosting with cpanel is recommended. If you don’t have web hosting or domain, you can check on this sample site which provide hosting and domain service :

Free web hosting & domain services :

Premium web hosting & domain services (Highly Recommend) :