Ad Network issue with Banner Ad from IronSource

Ad network integration from IronSource, especially for banner type ads, for us is not optimized and it's not friendly for developers or publishers, the reason is because banner can only be displayed once and in one activity, while, our application have multiple activity screen like main screen activity, detail activity, posts based on category activity, search activity, etc, so, this is more than one activity.

For example, if the banner ad is displayed on the main screen activity, this means that the banner ad will not be able to be shown in other activities, moreover, the banner ad also cannot be displayed again when we close the application and reopen it even on the main screen with note before the banner is destroyed first.

According to official documenation in the banner ad integration section, before switch to other activity, banner ad must be destroyed first to make it can be loaded in the other activity, but, a destroyed banner can no longer be loaded, if we want to serve it again, we must initiate it again, this is quite crazy because every time we move from one activity to another, the banner must be destroyed first, and also the banner must be called again on the onResume method or when we return to the previous activity, and of course, every time we initiate the loading process for the banner , there will be a pause of a few seconds and this is very annoying and not user friendly, this only happens to banner type ads on IronSource, ironically, for Interstitial type ads there is no problem, and this is quite strange because other ad networks like AdMob, , AppLovin, Mopub, FAN don't have this kind of problem.

Therefore, for now we have not considered using the ad network from IronSource as an alternative ad, for now maybe in the future we will consider other ad network options.

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