Data Safety Form

Data Safety Form

Recently, many applications received warnings about data security/data security. Data security will be enforced in April 2022, so all detected apps/games related to data collection need to be updated. Referring to the data security article, We try to describe the population according to code by looking at the following points:

A. Option 1 : Automatic filling out forms (Import CSV file)

Import a CSV file for faster autofill based on the tutorial :

B. Option 2 : Manual filling out forms

To fill out the security data form, reference the AndroidManifest.xml (permitted use) section and any SDKs/Libs used as described in "Providing information for the data security section of Google Play". In this case, permission is requested only to allow reading and writing of files into the smartphone memory.

Even though the AndroidManifest.xml section doesn't write user tracking based on location, the user's location is still tracked in the source code due to the use of advertising SDKs (AdMob, etc.) and Firebase. The tracking permission is in the SDK used.

2. How to fill out the form

Dengan gambaran di atas, maka pengisian data safety akan mudah dilakukan apa saja yang harus kita isi. Silahkan ikuti panduan dibawah

2.1 Data collection and security

2.2 Checklist and fill in location permission

2.3 Checklist and fill in file and docs access permissions

2.4 Checklist and fill in devices or other identifiers

2.5 Fill your privacy policy link

Finally, prepare your privacy policy link. You can use the app's privacy policy generator to create your privacy policy.

Until the stage of filling out the privacy policy has been completed, but for some source code there may be additional filling in accordance with the permissions used.

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