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Playstore warning message "This App Bundle contains Java/Kotlin code, which might be obfuscated"

If you got this warning message when you publish your application on Playstore : This App Bundle contains Java/Kotlin code, which might be obfuscated. We recommend you upload a deobfuscation file to make your crashes and ANRs easier to analyze and debug Seems like it's a warning message coming from the new play console. Choose APK instead Android App Bundle Or you can solve it just by setting your minimum api level to 29

Issue About IAB TCF v2.0 errors detected

Sdk implementation has been following the official documentation correctly : Creating consent message for apps in the funding choices account also has been following the instruction correctly : We think this issue coming from the ump sdk for eu consent itself : In regards to the questions that are asked, I agree with what was said and would suggest that if someone is concerned about UMP, that they are still fully able to use the legacy versions of our consent as that is still valid, to use legacy versions of eu consent, it can be configured from file. public static final boolean USE_LEGACY_GDPR_EU_CONSENT = true; If still no luck, you can post your question to get answers from Google Support Team :